Leah Adams – Chief Financial Officer

Leah manages the financial operations in the Maine office. She is a native of Kennebunkport and received her Bachelors in Marketing with a minor in Leadership and Women from Simmons College in Boston, MA.

Prior to joining PME 360, Leah has spent her post grad years working for the Boston Bruins NHL hockey team, Harvard-affiliated Joslin Diabetes Center and Sweetser. She brings to PME 360 her marketing and business experience working for large corporations and non-profits and helps small to medium sized companies implement effective strategies on a smaller scale.

Favorite Things:

  • Book: Atlas Shrugged
  • Movie: Overboard (yes, really)
  • Celebrity: Damian Lewis (M) Jennifer Lawrence (F)
  • Athlete: Ever? Larry Bird
  • Food: Pizza. I could eat pizza every day and never get sick of it.
  • Color: Gray. But if that is too monochromatic, then pink.
  • Activity: Reading, and I prefer real books to iBooks or Kindle books. I may be the last person I know who utilizes the public library.
  • Location: Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport (local), San Francisco CA

Most Inspiring People:

  • I am inspired by anyone who is giving more to the world than they are taking.

Best Life Moments:

  • Becoming a wife then mama.
  • Interning for the Boston Bruins.
  • Watching the Red Sox play in the World Series at Fenway Park with my dad (in 2004, when it really counted!).
  • Traveling with my husband.
  • Opening our internet marketing agency.

Some Things People Didn't Know:

  • I dropped out of college before Mark Zuckerberg made it cool (even though I went back almost right away).
  • I love to travel and see new places but I really love coming home at the end of the trip.
  • I am a recovering reality television addict.