PME 360 Mission Statement

PME 360 exists to help remodeling and home building clients generate demand, attract leads, and WIN new customers.

Our clients look to PME 360 for expert assistance in online marketing, specifically systems for attracting and converting business leads cost-effectively.

Clients value the PME 360's broad knowledge of online marketing tools and platforms.  They trust that PME 360 will be among the first to spot emerging opportunities, such as our Remodeler's Edge® Lead Engine System.  They count on PME 360 to combine the best of these tools in low-touch/high return revenue engines.

Ultimately, our clients pay us for results, not just components.  The premiums we offer to attract prospects, the copy we write for landing pages, email sequences, websites, and the ads we design are simply a means to that end.  PME 360 builds lead generation engines that produce predictable, cost-effective results. 

Unlike other firms, we know how remodeling businesses operate and the challenges they face and have an insider's understanding of the remodeling businesses we help.  We know what their prospects think and how they behave in an online, peer-to-peer, information-rich environment.  This knowledge guides us in building revenue engines optimized for the requirements and budgets of midsized remodeling businesses.  

Communications from PME 360 must be data-driven, evidence-based.   Offering glossy brochures might be right for some marketing firms, but it weakens ours.  We need to quantify the value of what we recommend.  "This premium content out-pulled that one by 65%" or  "Roofing prospects clicked-through ads with this type of photo five times more often." 

In short, we're not artists selling an artistic product.  We are marketing engineers who measure everything in order to provide the greatest functionality at the best price possible.