Ryan Paul Adams – CEO of PME 360

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Ryan Paul Adams has been extremely active in marketing world for the past 8+ years and founded PME 360 with the goal of delivering affordable marketing solutions, systems, and consulting to small-medium sized remodeling and replacement contracting businesses to help them grow their businesses fast. 

Prior to founding PME 360, Ryan was involved in several start-ups, real estate, home building and remodeling industry for over 15 years. He has gone on to help businesses in a wide variety of service based markets grow their local businesses, dramatically improve their traffic and lead generation systems and get more customers. 

Ryan has consulted with hundreds of companies including national franchises, Fortune 50, 100, and 500 companies with thousands of locations, and direct with local business owners (his favorite). Some might consider him a "Local Marketing Nut" as he has spent thousands of hours deciphering and testing the best marketing strategies for local businesses. 

Ryan recently authored a several books including 7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Growth in Your Remodeling Business….And How You Can Crush It Online and Facebook Marketing for Remodelers: How to Double and Triple Your Traffic, Leads, and Likes in Under 30 Days.

In 2014, he launched and is co-host of a brand new podcast Remodelers On The Rise. Remodelers On The Rise is a weekly podcast featuring some of the most successful remodeling entrepreneurs in the country. 

When Ryan is not busy helping clients grow, he is usually spending time with his wife and two kids on the coast of Maine. You also may be able to find him hiking in the White Mountains or local Maine woods, golfing, walking the Eastern Trail, playing ping pong, softball, coaching his kids sports teams, or hanging around downtown Portland enjoying the sites and local attractions. 

For more information on Ryan's story you can read more here.

Favorite Things:

  • Book: Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors
  • Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
  • Celebrity: Red Auerbach (I would have paid a lot of money to have one conversation with Red)
  • Athlete: Bill Russell
  • Food: Chicken Quesadilla
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Activity: Watching a really good movie on the big screen
  • Location: Acadia National Park; Muir Woods

Most Inspiring People:

  • Dalai Lama
  • Mother Teresa
  • Ghandi
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • My Parents

Best Life Moments:

  • Becoming a Dad
  • Getting Married
  • Playing in the State Final for Baseball
  • Pitching in the College World Series
  • Getting My First Paying Client

Some Things People Didn't Know:

  • I led the country (NCAA) college baseball in Earned Run Average for a season. Posted like a 0.64 ERA in about 80 innings
  • Wanted to become an Acupuncturist/Eastern Medicine practioner out of college
  • Developed a system to play Roulette for hours without going broke
  • Struck out 18 batters in a Little League game (all 18 outs were by the strikeout)