After Snowpocalypse Is Gone…Use the Harsh Weather to Your Advantage

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Taking Advantage of Harsh Weather

This winter has been crazy. Up here in Maine, we were hit with over 70 inches of snow. On top of that, it’s been so cold, we haven’t been able to enjoy being outside. My kids have tried, but they can’t even step into a snowbank without being buried in over their heads. The kids did take advantage of the school snow days, which much like the snow, really piled up. Chances are good they’ll be losing out on a few days of summer vacation.

Naturally, the problems we’re facing this winter don’t just extend to those living in the Northeast. It’s been cold and snowy over much of the country. The poor weather is translating into problems for contractors. The constant storms and freezing temperatures have created a huge mess, and it’s been nearly impossible for contractors to get much in the way of exterior work. Homeowners have decided not to act and instead are waiting for better weather to start on repairs and general home improvement.

A harsh winter only magnifies how bad many of your top prospect issues really are. This January and February have been unusually slow for contractors.  So your business may be taking a hit as you, like your prospects, wait out the winter. The good news is, this winter also magnifies the problems homeowners are facing: old windows, poor insulation, damaged or leaky roofing, and so on. They want to fix these problems once they’re out of the freezer.

In the meantime, you want to focus on differentiating your business. In 2014 and 2015, the level of competition in every major remodeling market skyrocketed. If you don’t stand out, you’re going to get left in the dust. You want to get out in front of the hot, spring market that is sure to come.

Now is your opportunity to test new offers and other ways of attracting prospects to your business. Put together offers for both past prospects and new target neighborhoods. Start with a 20 Point Exterior Home Audit or a 10 Point Roof Inspection. Or offer an Energy Audit.

Your priority is to get in the door for the first time—or back into the home of a previous client. Showcase your level of expertise. Provide value to the homeowner. They are getting ready to make repair and improvement decisions right now.

Get your offers into the hands of your prospects with direct mail. Use postcards or a personal letter. On the digital side, send your prospects an email newsletter featuring your core offer. Test a print ad focusing on a complementary review of critical home systems. Give homeowners a real reason to give you a call!

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