“Delaying the Sale” Will Actually Help You Attract, Qualify, Prepare, and Close Better Clients At a Premium Price

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Unless you are selling some kind of low cost, instant need, quick fix remodeling service, you need to strongly consider slowing down the sales process. In fact, delaying your sales process can help you dramatically improve your entire business.

If you need to sell something today to survive, this is NOT for you. And if this is in fact your current situation, or the kind of pressure you put on your sales people, you will not succeed for long in today's highly competitive marketplace. 

Great marketing doesn't have to take a lifetime to integrate into your business, but it does take a full understanding, commitment, and investment of both time and money to get it right. And you need to start by actually taking a step back in your sales process to take 10 steps forward. 

Position Yourself as the Local Remodeling "Expert" vs. Just Another Remodeler

Yes, you need to delay the sale so that you can grow your remodeling business. And the most effective way to delay the sale is to offer a lower barrier to entry for your prospects to enter into your marketing and sales funnel.  

This may seem like a completely foreign concept to some but it is 100% true for just about every remodeling business on the planet that is actively trying to sell high ticket, premium remodeling services in competitive markets. 

IF you are the only game in town, by all means go straight for the sale. Go for it and don't delay anything. But I don't know of anyone for whom this is the case. 

IF you are in competition with two or more businesses on every potential sale YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST DIFFERENTIATE.

But How?

Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine will help do this all for you. 

In most cases, the power of delaying the sale will actually help you ATTRACT prospects to you that are properly qualified and fully prepared to do business with you and only you. 

If done correctly, this will also give you the best opportunity to charge more for the exact same services you offer today. And, most importantly, it stops your prospect from needing to "think it over" or "I am going to call 3 or 4 other remodelers to get quotes."

Slowing Down the Sales Process Allows You to Scale Quicker

Slowing down the sales process can be done by simply marketing differently. Instead of leading with a free estimate or free consultation, instead give your prospect something of value (free guide, book, cd, info kit, etc) before you do any kind of estimate or consultation. And give this to them way before they ever talk to you. 

Your prospect isn't ready for you to come out to their house and sell them. You can certainly try to do it that way and you will get some sales.  You have probably been doing it this way for years and have had some success. But if you stop and think about it….what do your prospects really know about you at this point IF they aren't a referral? 

And even if they are a referral, how likely are they to just buy from you without doing some research first? Have you had a chance to educate them as to why you are better or different than your top 10 competitors?  

With Lead Engine we solve this problem for you and highly encourage you to even take this a step further by physically mailing something to your prospects ahead of a sales conversation. Create your "Shock and Awe" package and you will soon be playing in a field of 1 with ZERO competition. But you have to get all of this into your prospects hands BEFORE YOU TALK TO THEM, if at all possible. 

This is all especially important for those remodeling businesses that are actually trying to grow and scale. Why? Because in most small businesses the owner/CEO is still the primary sale person and should be until they can hire a new sales person. 

Building out a quality sales team is one of the hardest things to do in any business. It is insanely difficult to find one sales person as good as the original owner, and if you found 3 that were as good as you, you would be extremely lucky. Finding 10 or 20 A+ sales people is near impossible if you aren't delaying the sales process and getting high quality information to the prospect well before a selling conversation. 

To grow and scale you have to make it easier on your sales team. You have to! You don't have a choice. You cannot just use brute force in your market to try and sell everyone you come in contact with. It does not work like that and never will. Improving your sales process actually starts with improving your marketing and overall positioning in your market. 

You can hire all the sales trainers in the world to improve the sales people and sales process you have now and it can have an impact, but for how long and to what degree? Typically, people are who they are and can only marginally improve on their current skills so your selling system has to be damn good. 

Instead look to integrate a marketing system that does most of the heavy lifting for you and your sales team. You must achieve a level of predetermination in the mind of the prospect to want what you have before you speak to them. It allows mediocre sales people to show up and WIN new sales without being an All Star.

Let's Look at These 2 Scenarios and You Will See Why "Delaying the Sale" Makes Perfect Sense:

  • Contractor A and Contractor B operate in the same city, let's say Boston. 
  • Both offer premium siding installation with typical jobs running around $20,000 per home. 
  • Both have a solid team of installers and sales people. 
  • Both market their businesses equally. 

The term "contractor" isn't my favorite term to describe the profession but for this example it is what we are going to use.

Contractor A has a nice looking website and offers a "Free In-Home Estimate" as their only offer to learn more about them. 

Contractor B has a small, but very focused website that is mobile responsive and offers a Free Guide called "The 7 Things You MUST Know Before Hiring a Siding Remodeler in Boston".  She also offers a free in-home consultation, but the free guide is the most prominent offer on her site and displayed in all of her marketing. At this stage in the process, she only asks the prospect to give her their name and email address and in exchange, she sends them the free guide online.

Also, the guide is authored by her, has her picture on the cover, and a welcome letter that quickly builds "know, like, and trust". The prospect now knows the person behind this business. 

Contractor A tries to educate the prospect by offering lots of content on their site in the form of blog posts, social media, and lots of web pages. 

Contractor B gives her prospects exactly what they want to know and answers their 7 most pressing questions in a format that is easy to get, easy to read, easy to download, and explains in clear language the remodeling process and what the next steps should be. 

She also offers a 2nd step in this process where she offers to send them (if they give her complete address details), in the mail, her "Home Exterior Transformation Kit" complete with a welcome letter, business card, most recent press release, her 7 Things guide, a cd, samples, and a catalog.  She sends this in the mail within 24 hours and calls this her "shock and awe" package. 

Contractor B also automatically sends out 12 emails over a 6 week period teaching the client more about their company, their philosophy, and providing as much value as she can to fully prepare the prospect to become a client. She has also clearly stated her Unique Selling Proposition and Guarantee throughout the guide and the email nurturing sequence further differentiating herself from the competition. 

Contractor A collects their leads and passes them immediately on to a sales person who calls and tries to set an appointment. The prospect doesn't want to be sold yet but wasn't offered any other way to take the next step so they agree to the free estimate at their home the following week.  

They meet at the home, the sales person hands them a business card, does a nice job of explaining the service and answering the prospects questions, and then prepares an estimate. This prospect will review the estimate in a day or two along with 2 or 3 additional quotes that they are gathering. 

At this point, the prospect for Contractor A is either in or out. There really is no follow up and they have not established a clear differentiator. In the prospects mind, Contractor A is just another quote and appears mostly the same to the prospect. The sales person will follow up in a few days after sending out the estimate to see if they have been chosen to do the work. 

Contractor B receives a call 4 weeks later from the same prospect that had read the guide, read some of the emails, and has received the kit in the mail. The prospect was really impressed with the level of knowledge and value she had provided and was ready to take the next step. The prospect felt a level of comfort with Contractor B vs. Contractor A. The prospect did not see the need to call 2 or 3 other remodelers at this point.

Her prospect had also received the "Home Exterior Transformation Kit" in the mail and was able to see and feel the level of detail and care that they put into this package; again, this is all before they ever spoke with a sales person.  She had quickly built "know, like, and trust" with the prospect BEFORE THEY EVER SPOKE and had "showed up like no one else"

A Clearer Picture of How You Can Double, Triple, or Quadruple Your Results

Hopefully this paints a clear picture of why this strategy and our Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine system is so important. And often times it does extend the sales cycle a bit but you will win a lot more deals by delaying the sale using better marketing to start. You will ATTRACT more leads and prospects to you by taking this approach and you will close more deals with a lot less resistance and at a higher price point. 

Some of you won't like the idea of not pouncing on your prospects. You are used to going right for the kill and doing so very quickly. It feels good to win sales quickly but you will also lose more deals over the long haul if any of your competitors do all of the things outlined in a system like Lead Engine

There is a lot more to this strategy than what is written on this page. I challenge you to take us up on our offer to do a 1 on 1 Consultation and I (Ryan Paul Adams) can help you figure out an initial plan of attack to double, or even triple your current remodeling business.

Learn more here

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