The #1 Thing You Absolutely MUST Do NOW to Grow Your Remodeling Business At Least 30% in 2016

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I’ve always looked forward to the start of the New Year. I really enjoy reflecting and looking back at the past year and all the things that myself and my family have accomplished. Its also a great time to plan for the coming year and summarize all of the things we’ve learned, both good and bad.

With the New Year I like to come up with a new plan of attack and a fresh outlook on life and businesses, all with the goal of moving things forward and making more money. So with that mentality in mind and a fresh set of eyes, here is the #1 thing you absolutely MUST do NOW to grow at least 30% in 2016.

#1 Strategy:  Add a GREAT Call to Action in All Your Marketing

You have probably heard this 100 times before….you need a call to action in all your marketing.  It is surprising (shocking!) to me to continue to see multi-million dollar remodeling businesses making the mistake of NOT having developed a great call to action.

Asking your prospect in your marketing to “give you a call today for a free estimate” is NOT a great call to action. If I was a prospect who was moderately interested in your services I wouldn’t pick up the phone and take action on this offer. And I especially wouldn’t take this action at 7 o’clock at night when I was sitting down for the first time all day and beginning my research online to find my bathroom remodeler.

Its not intriguing. Its not compelling. Its not irresistible.

And it’s not easy to take this action 24/7. Yet, 99% of all remodelers in the U.S. have this as the only call to action in their marketing and still they wonder why their lead generation campaigns fall completely flat!

You can do a lot more to stand out than a free estimate, and should want better for your business. Give your prospects what they are really looking for at this stage in the research process….a reason to trust you and want to do business with you.

Also, you need to give your sales people a fighting chance to close more sales with a lot less resistance by coming up with a better call to action. Warming up your prospect to the idea of doing business with you prior to actually speaking with them will require a lot less selling and the ability to charge a premium IF you do this correctly.

Great marketing is really about turning a person who is somewhat interested in what you have to offer into someone who can’t live without you and your services.  

If you have an OK service and aren’t rude to people you will get clients, any remodeling business can realistically land enough “ready to buy” customers in any market to earn a living and create a nice business.  It really isn’t that hard. In fact, its pretty darn easy to maintain a couple million dollars a year in revenue without incorporating great marketing. This is because there are typically plenty of people in every corner of this country who need help with their homes.

The REAL challenge is for those who want to push the envelope and grow their businesses and dominate their markets. You have to come up with something better to get people interested in you and your services and get something in your prospects hands, via the mail, as soon as humanly possible.

I would highly recommend that you consider developing an irresistible, low barrier to entry offer that your prospects will take immediate action on no matter what time of day they come across it. Start testing an “Idea Kit”, “Design Kit”, or something that you can physically send to them in the mail. This will help you quickly build the essential ‘know, like, and trust’ factors that will grow your audience.

Be as creative as you like, but be sure to come up with something that allows your prospect to touch and feel the quality of your company ahead of an estimate or appointment.

We call this a “Shock and Awe Package”. Every remodeler who wants to dominate needs a shock and awe package in their business today. This doesn’t mean you get rid of your “free consult” or “free estimate” offers altogether, but you need to lead with your kit as a primary offer and the estimate as your next step in the process.

Make this offer and package you send to them exciting and compelling enough so that you virtually eliminate your competition. Playing in a field of 1 is way better than playing in a field of 5. Your competition is way too lazy to actually do this and do this well.

It works! Try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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