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Every Door Direct Mail for Remodelers – A Simple Strategy to More Customers

It amazes me how many remodelers and home builders are not using any direct mail marketing. Or, the ones that do are still overpaying to deliver their mail pieces, promoting “free estimates” and “free consultation” offers, and not lowering the barrier to entry for those who are not ready to have you contact them. Every […]

Facebook Techniques Increase Advertiser’s Results by 3300% – for $5.00

AN INTERVIEW WITH FACEBOOK MARKETING EXPERT RYAN PAUL ADAMS: PART FOUR Q: What is a “boosted post”? RA: A post supported by a small Facebook ad. Ask any remodeler who has diligently posted to Facebook in the past. You can write dozens of posts with nothing to show for it. And I think we all […]

How to Target Your Best Prospects – and Only Your Best Prospects

AN INTERVIEW WITH FACEBOOK MARKETING EXPERT RYAN Paul ADAMS: PART THREE Q: The concept of targeting isn’t new. Now you say things have changed. How so? RA: Things have changed profoundly. First, Facebook has become an epicenter of daily activity for a substantial portion of the world’s population. Second, Facebook captures vast amounts of data […]

Facebook’s “Secret” Transformation and What It Means for Remodelers

AN INTERVIEW WITH FACEBOOK MARKETING EXPERT RYAN PAUL ADAMS: PART TWO Q:: You say that most remodelers’ ideas about what Facebook represents are wrong. RA: I do. Specifically, Facebook as an advertising medium. Facebook has been around for years, but it has recently turned itself into what I see as a powerhouse advertising platform. Most […]

Changes at Facebook are Creating Major Opportunities for Remodelers

AN INTERVIEW WITH FACEBOOK MARKETING EXPERT RYAN Paul ADAMS: PART ONE Q: In your new whitepaper Facebook Marketing for Remodelers you say that SEO is declining in value. RA: It’s true. As useful as SEO has been, I find that it’s not working as well as it used to. This has little to do with […]

The Most Amazing Source of Local Traffic Are Facebook Ads?

Yes. In my opinion, Facebook Ads have quickly become my #1 source of local traffic and leads for local remodelers, home builders, and service based businesses. If you had asked me this 6-10 months ago I would have said Google, Google, and Google.  Now this is not to say that Google is not important because […]

The Six Biggest Mistakes Contractors Make

I want to keep this list short and sweet but powerful. Here is my list of the 6 Biggest Mistakes That Contractors Make with their marketing.  1.    Targeting Everybody.   This means you interest nobody.  Know who your best prospect is, understand him or her thoroughly, and then speak to them directly. 2.    Talking About […]

Mobile QR Codes May Save Your Life in a Car Accident

Over the past years people have learned to recognize QR codes (Quick Response Code). From museum displays to direct mail, life is covered with QR codes. You can make your own QR code with a QR code generator and use it to provide clients direct access to more information, send an email or be directed […]

Ready to Power Growth for Your Business? Stay Current on the Trends

Local Internet Marketing for your business is a full time job. Managing all the opportunities to grow your business is hard enough without the constant changes that occur in the online marketing industry. Understanding online trends and focusing on growth is the best way to start tackling the online marketing initiatives that can power growth […]

Harnessing the Untapped Power of Customer Video Testimonials

Customer video testimonials are a powerful business marketing tool that is extremely under-utilized, even in today's social media-centric web environment. Combining the ranking power of video with the crucial social proof element of testimonials is a really effective way to increase your chances of getting found by potential customers while simultaneously earning their trust. The […]