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Tips From The Pros: Top Business Podcasts

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Tips From The Pros: Top Business Podcasts

Our goal at PME 360 is not just to provide excellent local internet marketing services; we believe that our clients deserve more. This is why our top business podcasts constantly seek out tips from the pros from the best and brightest business minds. These seasoned professionals tell us of their triumphs and mistakes, processes, techniques, motivational tools, and much more.

Our local business podcasts combine compelling real-world narrative from successful business owners and targeted dialogue with hosts Ryan and Ron that gets at the heart of what local business owners need to know in today’s competitive marketplace.

For example, here is a snippet from our interview with Eddie Reeves of Elite Deposition Services:

“Look for opportunities to really wow your clients, because once you do that you will have a client for life – a customer for life. So many people just take it for granted that, ‘Hey, I’ve got a client. I don’t want to service him after they sign the contract. Now I have that business.’ You can’t do this. You really have to be on top of the game. You have to provide that service in order to keep them coming back.”

Check out recent Top Business Podcasts on local marketing by Ron Rodi, Jr and Ryan Paul Adams on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show:

  1. The Art of Getting Your Start-Up Off the Ground with Gina Mancuso: Love That Fit: Gina Mancuso with Love That Fit reveals how she is getting her start-up business off the ground. Gina discusses some of the challenges and victories she has experienced so far in getting her awesome venture,, off the ground.
  2. Think Like a Customer and Improve Your Business From the Customer Viewpoint: Bill Packard, a small business consultant in Maine, explores the topic of improving your customer experience and how having a core value statement will dramatically improve your business. Learn to “Think Like a Customer” and find ways to grow and improve your small business from the customer viewpoint.
  3. Don’t Start a Business. Start a Revolution. 12 Things NOT to Do When Trying to Build a Business – Interview with Brian Sites: Brian Sites of Claydog Enterprises shares his “12 Tips On What NOT to Do to When Trying to Build a Business” on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show. Brian highlights some powerful tips on how to build a business the right way and common mistakes to avoid.
  4. How to Improve Your Sales Process – Interview with Jim Mattei at Sandler Sales Institute in Chicago: This podcast features an interview of Jim Mattei with Sandler Sales Institute in Chicago on improving the sales process and closing more deals. Jim provides some quality sales process improvement strategies to help you be more proactive in your sales process and generate more leads.
  5. Finding Your Niche and Being the Best At One Thing – Interview with Eddie Reeves with Elite Deposition Services: In this podcast, Ron and Ryan interview Eddie Reeves of Elite Deposition Services in Chicago, IL. As a business professional and entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the legal industry, Eddie reveals some great tips on the importance of finding your niche and being the best in the world at one thing. Eddie also touches on treating clients the right way and how to service clients well beyond the initial contract.

Want More Tips From The Pros? Get In Touch Today!

We’re very excited to share the valuable insights of these bright and experienced entrepreneurs with you this month. We strive to be a vital resource for all businesses and entrepreneurs we meet, and providing thoughtful and pertinent analysis on numerous business topics is a big part of what we offer. If you find that you’d like some further explanation, let us know or request a Free Site Audit and Strategy Session Today.

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