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PME 360 business growth podcasts. Each week PME 360 explores business, marketing, and sales topics and provides information about how to grow your business. From building a sales funnel to reputation marketing strategies and internet marketing, we attempt to explore it all when it comes to helping you grow.

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Recent Local Marketing Podcasts

Put Your Remodeling Business on Auto-Cruise with Randall Soules…

Put Your Remodeling Business on Auto-Cruise with Randall Soules of Scientific Remodeling System

In the remodeling industry, business automation systems are scarce as contractors struggle to deal with busy schedules and day to day challenges. However, taking the time to develop that business process automation system is often the very thing that would improve a remodeling contractor’s ability to meet these challenges and improve their overall quality life as a bonus. This is exactly what Randall Soules of Scientific Remodeling System has spent years helping remodelers achieve: … [Read More...]

How to Build a Reputation Online in the Home Services Industry…

Geoff Graham guild quality PME 360

For a company that builds, sells, improves, maintains, or cares for homes, having an online reputation management strategy is absolutely crucial. Savvy homeowners are looking for online reviews more than ever, and according to SearchEngineLand, approximately 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Helping businesses build credibility in the home services industry is something that Geoff Graham, Founder and CEO of GuildQuality, has excelled at for … [Read More...]

Focusing on a Niche Market in Remodeling with Ted Nemeth…

ted nemeth of revisions remodeling

With new remodeling companies constantly entering the market, remodelers need to find a way to make their business stand out. This is exactly what Ted Nemeth of ReVisions Remodeling, Ltd. has done by honing his approach to business and marketing. Rather than trying to be the 'Jack of all trades' remodeler, Ted has found success by focusing on becoming an expert in a specific category (Exterior remodeling) and a few specific brands (James Hardie Siding, ThermaTrue Doors, Andersen … [Read More...]

How Underestimating the True Cost of Field Labor Can Kill Profit…

estimating true cost of labor remodeling melanie hodgdon

Are you a remodeling company with plenty of work but you still can’t seem to turn a healthy profit? Taking a hard look at your labor costs is essential if you hope to stop bleeding profits. "Labor is the hardest thing to estimate, and you really have a lot of uncertainties. That's where most contrators slippage occurs. So if you're not estimating using the actual costs, if you're underestimating that, then you can wind up with a price that is also too … [Read More...]

Effective and Simple Marketing Ideas to Use in Your Remodeling…

kyle hunt remodel your marketing

Does your remodeling business do outstanding work, but still you struggle to attract new clients and new leads? Do you rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals? Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing outlines how important it is to get organized and develop a exceptional and simple marketing and sales systems on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show. Starting in the remodeling industry at a young age and seeing the dire need of that industry to move away from the primarily … [Read More...]

Remodeling Sales Tips and Growth Tips with Jim Gehm –…

PME 360 Powering Growth Podcasts

If you want to keep plugging along with an average remodeling business this podcast is NOT something you should listen to. On the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show, Ron Rodi, Jr and Ryan Paul Adams interview Jim Gehm with Holmes Custom Renovations.  Jim reveals some of their top sales strategies and how to build a great sales team in the remodeling industry, which is not easy to do. Discover how they train, compensate, and motivate an effective sales team and the systems they … [Read More...]

5 Steps to Leading Significant Sales Growth in Your Local…

Tired of competing over the same clients with your competitors? Tove Rasmussen, with Partners for Creating Wealth, provides some great tips on how you can generate significant sales growth in your local business on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show. Tove will reveal in this webinar:  What really separates your local business from the rest of your competitors Who your company's best prospects are...really... COMPELLING messages that capture your prospects … [Read More...]

Passion, Hard Work, and a Little Luck will Help You Find Your…

Eric Cressey with Cressey Performance

Finding your niche in your small business is not easy and it can't be forced. It takes a combination of passion, hard work, and a little luck (and a paying market!) to find your niche. In the latest PME 360 Powering Business Growth show we were lucky to have Eric Cressey with Cressey Performance. Eric discusses how he fell into his niche training baseball players and became one of the most respected trainers in the baseball industry today. It takes a lot of hard work and consistent effort in … [Read More...]

Tips From The Pros: Top Business Podcasts…


Our goal at PME 360 is not just to provide excellent local internet marketing services; we believe that our clients deserve more. This is why our top business podcasts constantly seek out tips from the pros from the best and brightest business minds. These seasoned professionals tell us of their triumphs and mistakes, processes, techniques, motivational tools, and much more. Our local business podcasts combine compelling real-world narrative from successful business owners and targeted dialogue … [Read More...]

Don’t Start a Business. Start a Revolution.…

PME 360 Powering Growth Podcasts

12 Things NOT to Do When Trying to Build a Business - Interview with Brian Sites Don't Start a Business. Start a Revolution. Brian Sites of Claydog Enterprises shares his "12 Tips On What NOT to Do to When Trying to Build a Business" on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show.  Your hosts, Ron Rodi, Jr and Ryan Paul Adams interview Brian and can help you discover some powerful tips on how to build a business the right way and common mistakes to avoid. "Chicks and Salsa Analogy Hens … [Read More...]

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