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PME 360 business webinars. Each week PME 360 explores topics and provides information about how to grow your business. From building a sales funnel to reputation marketing strategies and internet marketing, we attempt to explore it all when it comes to helping you grow your business.

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Recent Webinars

How Underestimating the True Cost of Field Labor Can Kill Profit…

estimating true cost of labor remodeling melanie hodgdon

Are you a remodeling company with plenty of work but you still can’t seem to turn a healthy profit? Taking a hard look at your labor costs is essential if you hope to stop bleeding profits. "Labor is the hardest thing to estimate, and you really have a lot of uncertainties. That's where most contrators slippage occurs. So if you're not estimating using the actual costs, if you're underestimating that, then you can wind up with a price that is also too … [Read More...]

Small Business Technology Issues Overview With Bullet Group…

Tim Stone - Bullet Group Consulting

Are you a small business struggling with technology issues? Having a hard time keeping up with all the technology changes? On the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show, Tim Stone with Bullet Group Consulting in Chicago, reveals some of the major issues most small businesses face when dealing with technology and some actionable tips to help you solve some of these issues. Topics discussed include how to choose the right business software, equipment, phones, hosting, email, and … [Read More...]

Mapping Customer Experience – Webinar with Parissa Behnia…

We've entered the age of the customer and an era where a focus on customers matters more than any other strategic imperative. Parrissa Behnia, with 678 Partners, share her insight into the world of Mapping Customer Experience and the importance of understanding your customers thoroughly.  As business owners and marketers, we all know that customers matter but most companies simply don't approach their interactions with customers in a discplined way. Let Parissa show you how … [Read More...]

5 Steps to Leading Significant Sales Growth in Your Local…

Tired of competing over the same clients with your competitors? Tove Rasmussen, with Partners for Creating Wealth, provides some great tips on how you can generate significant sales growth in your local business on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show. Tove will reveal in this webinar:  What really separates your local business from the rest of your competitors Who your company's best prospects are...really... COMPELLING messages that capture your prospects … [Read More...]

The Art of Getting Your Start-Up Off the Ground with Gina…

PME 360 Webinars

On the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show we had the pleasure of having Gina Mancuso with Love That Fit reveal how she is getting her start-up business off the ground. Gina discusses some of the challenges and victories she has experienced so far in getting her awesome venture,, off the ground. You will gain some valuable insight into the nuances of "pitching" and how to stay positive when people around you start doubting you and your idea. Whether you are a … [Read More...]

Think Like a Customer and Improve Your Business From the…

PME 360 Webinars

Don't take your customers for granted! In this webinar, on the PME 360 Powering Business Growth Show, Bill Packard, a small business consultant in Maine, explores the topic of improving your customer experience and how having a core value statement will dramatically improve your business. Learn to "Think Like a Customer" and find ways to grow and improve your small business from the customer viewpoint. "Keeping existing customers is cheaper than getting new ones. People that give … [Read More...]

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Formula for Local Businesses…

PME 360 Webinars

 Knowing your Cost Per Acquisition is vital information for any local business to know, and will help improve your marketing, allow you to have more realistic expectations, and help you plan overall marketing to meet your growth goals. Watch my short video as I demonstrate how to determine the CPA using Google Adwords Keyword Tool   To determine your Average Cost Per Acquisition, we use the Google Keyword Tool to get some good data. Google Adwords is all competition driven. Google … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Prepare for Growth in Your Home Improvement Business…

PME 360 Webinars

Learn the Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Growth in Your Home Improvement Business. The home improvement market is set to explode. Ryan Paul Adams takes you through some key tips in our recent webinar to help you learn how you can prepare for real growth in your home improvement business and set yourself up for long term success and increased revenue. Learn more about home improvement marketing. Download MP3 Download PDF (Slides) 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home Improvement Business for … [Read More...]

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