CIIMS: Overview

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A Smarter Approach to Internet Marketing      

The last thing in the world you want to do right now is try to figure out who to hire to do your internet marketing. Not only do you have to hire the right person, but you are going to have to train them. Actually, you may as well plan on hiring multiple people, because you are going to need specialists to execute each strategy within your online marketing plan. PME 360 has eliminated this problem with our CIIMS Plans. You get an entire outsourced marketing team that can get your more leads, build your brand, and grow your business. 

Hire a Company Like PME 360. Each CIIMS Plan Comes Loaded With:

  • Executive (CEO) Level Marketer
  • Client Services Consultant
  • Premium College Grad Content Writers
  • Certified SEO Experts
  • Copywriters
  • Industry Trained Link Builders
  • Certified Social Media Marketers
  • Google Analytics Certified Consultants
  • Technical Search Analysts
  • Paid Search Experts
  • Certified Programmers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Software 

Get A Lot More For Your Marketing Investment

You don’t have time to manage multiple people or multiple agencies. I am sure you are getting bombarded with aggressive sales people trying to sell you the latest and greatest SEO, PPC, Social, or Software services. However, you need a smarter solution that solves 95% of your internet marketing problems without having to deal with 10 different companies.. By bundling SEO, content, social, reputation management, review management, campaign management, and consulting into ONE service, we are able to offer an incredible service at a price most small-medium sized businesses can afford.

Our internet marketing service plans can help you generate more targeted traffic, drive new high quality leads, improve your overall web presence, build your brand, are scalable, and are 100% built to serve your individual business and marketing needs.

Our #1 Goal is to Make You the Clear Market Leader

With the right internet marketing strategy, you can become the clear market leader in your industry. A well-executed internet marketing strategy gives you the ability to grow fast and a become more effective than ever. It’s not about outspending your competition because that is not always possible. Its about out-thinking them. 

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