GuildQuality Metric Plugin by PME 360

GuildQuality Metric Plugin by PME 360

Download Your Free GuildQuality Metric WordPress Plugin by PME 360

Display Your GuildQuality Survey Results Like Never Before.
Display Your Survey Results Right in Your Posts and Pages!

This plugin is just one of many tools that we have developed at PME 360 for our remodeling, home improvement, and home builder marketing clients and we would like to share this with you for free. 

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Survey Results Update Every Hour Automatically Right Within Your Page/Post


Features of the GuildQuality Metric Plugin by PME 360

  • Able to assign font size to text used. You can use any standard CSS font size definition.
  • Ability to assign colors for label text, bar container, indicator text, indicator bar. You can use any standard CSS color definition. Able to set number of columns for output (1, 2, 3 or 4) default is 2.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • Adjusts to fit container. The "metric" data will automatically size to fill the width of the container it is used in, if you create a block floating right with a width of 450px it will fit in the box. Please note that it will not change the number of columns automatically if they do not fit in the container properly, you must select the number of columns that fits well in the container.
  • Once the api username and password have been entered in the Plugin settings, simply coping and pasting the shortcode on a page produces the metrics output.
  • Does not add any extra stylesheets or javascript, that way you don't add additional requests to your page load.

Installation Instructions

  • Download plugin link to download provided in folder.
  • Upload the plugin to your WordPress site and activate the plugin.
  • Under the settings menu there will now be a page "GuildQuality Metrics", click the link.
  • Login to your GuildQuality account, activate your api credentials (if not already activated)
  • Copy the API Username and Password from the GuildQuality API settings page to the GuildQuality Metrics setting page and click save.
  • You are now ready to start placing your GuildQuality metrics data on your site.

Download Files

Download Instructions (pdf)
Metric Plugin Examples (pdf)

**Download the Plugin (zip)**


Sample Images of How Your GuildQuality Survey Will Appear in Your WordPress Pages and Posts

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