Remodeler’s Edge Lead Engine Marketing Automation System


Double Your Leads and INCREASE Profits With a Marketing System That Consistently ATTRACTS Your Ideal Remodeling Client With Less Effort.

Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine Marketing Automation System

Get the EDGE You Need to Outsmart Your Competition, Build Trust Faster, and ATTRACT
Higher Quality Leads and Clients to You Automatically.
NO CRM Required, ZERO Learning Curve, and 100% Done For You Marketing System Setup.


Every single day people are abandoning your website without engaging with any content, without filling out your "free estimate" or "free consultation" form, and without even clicking through to another page. It is estimated, and research supports around a 95% abandonment rate for most local remodeling and home builder websites!

Even worse is the fact that, on average, the prospects that are considered to be very interested in your services and request a free estimate or consultation, will only be sent one follow up email or phone call before a company completely writes the prospect off. 

That is too big of a missed opportunity and a gigantic waste of your marketing dollars. If this is true for your business, you don't have a traffic issue, you have a marketing and sales funnel issue. Luckily there is a proven way to solve this problem in your business quickly where you can attract and capture 2x's to 3x's more leads (and of higher quality) from the marketing you are already doing with Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine Automation System, GUARANTEED.

"The average remodeling and home building website generates less than a 1% response or what is known as a conversion rate (traffic to lead conversion). The average Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine client at PME 360 generates nearly a 4% conversion without investing a dime more in their marketing. And the clients that really listen and implement our system along with our consulting are generating an 8-10% conversion rate on average  all from the exact same marketing tactics they were investing in before they had Lead Engine. The evidence is clear that we have really works and will continue to work for a long long time." – Ryan Paul Adams, CEO/Creator of Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine

Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level?
Get a Complete "Done For You" Marketing Automation System for Remodelers Who:

is2ip_tick Want to position themselves as the clear expert in their local market.

is2ip_tick Desire a proven way to build "know, like, and trust" quickly to ATTRACT and WIN more clients with less effort and ELIMNATE chasing prospects.

is2ip_tick Understand the value in building a list and how important this is to a business.

is2ip_tick Aren't getting enough leads now from their existing website or don't even have a website (You can use our landing pages as your main website and get a 2 to 3x's better response than the big website your competition has). 

is2ip_tick Are currently investing in marketing now but aren't generating enough high quality leads.

is2ip_tick Want to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack and close sales at a premium price and with less resistance.

A Turn-Key Lead Generation and Marketing Automation System With No CRM Required

Remodelers Edge Lead Engine is a multi-step, direct response marketing automation system designed and tested extensively for remodeling and home service providers. Our marketing system has been tested to convert traffic to leads at a very high rate. You can use a variety of online and offline marketing tactics like Facebook Ads, Direct Mail, Social Media Campaigns, Newspaper Ads, Banner Ads, Paid Search, Radio, and More and simply direct that traffic to the system we setup for you. 

PME 360 will design, create, and launch for you a customized lead generation and marketing automation system built specifically for your remodeling or home service business. We will host and manage all the tools and software required to run your system and provide you with top notch support throughout the life of the system. We also integrate your marketing system directly into your existing website so that you can start generating more leads and more revenue from the traffic you already have in place. 

No additional marketing investment is required for this to work, but we will reveal to you multiple proven strategies for driving laser-targeted local traffic and leads into this system, if you so desire. Proven ads, the latest and greatest copy, and lots of proven tactics to help you get great results quickly. 

There is NO LEARNING CURVE and NO COMPLICATED SOFTWARE to learn. Lead Engine comes with hosting and maintenance of your system with your low monthly subscription. This sytem needs to be hosted somewhere and maintained and we take care of that for you so you can focus on your running your business and spend less time learning software.

We will also include two months of 1 on 1 consulting and hand-holding so you fully understand how to get the most out of your new marketing automation system. The PME 360 Team will also give you some of the exact ads that we are using for our high paying clients along with additional marketing templates and resources. 

The Complete Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine Automation System Components

Micro-Site and Multi-Step Conversion System (Easy as 1, 2, 3)

Lead Magnet Landing Page Example


As part of Lead Engine, we set-up a multi-step "conversion system" that begins with a mobile responsive micro-site (aka "mini website" or "landing page") that features your lead magnet and converts traffic into leads like crazy. This system is designed to take any kind of traffic and turn that into an initial marketing ready lead.  Our system will then automatically start working to turn that marketing ready lead into a high quality sales ready prospect as fast as possible all without you or your sales team having to do any of the heavy lifting.

Obviously not every marketing ready lead becomes a sales ready prospect, but this automation system will give you the best shot at turning that lead into a prospect and then into a client, systematically. The marketing automation system warms up your marketing ready lead with an initial high-quality content offer, which we design and create for you (ex: Free Guide or Design Idea Guide) that we call a "lead magnet". Our lead magnets are design to build trust quickly and answer your prospects most pressing questions and concerns at it relates to your services. 

Our landing pages have been tested thousands of times and proven to work in just about any remodeling niche in the country. They can even be used as your primary main website for those that do not have a main site now. Our landing pages also come fully "SEO" optimized and can easily rank very quickly in the search engines, driving lots of free traffic with just a little bit of additional work.

We will also build you an additional high converting landing page that will feature a free estimate, consulation, or "home audit" that you can use for PPC, SEO, Facebook, Direct Mail, Radio, TV, Print, and more. The combination of using both types of high converting landing pages with the offers we create for you will put you in the best possible position to succeed. 

PPC Landing Page Example


Customized Content Guide aka "Lead Magnet" Creation (We Position You As The Local "EXPERT" in Your Remodeling Niche):


Our customized "lead magnet" content guides ATTRACT the best prospects in your local market to you. These lead magnets consist up to 16 pages of the perfect content, customized to your business, that explains precisely what you do best and why your prospect should hire you. Our "7 Questions You Should Ask" lead magnets are ideal for those remodeling or home service providers who offer more than one serivce. 

We also have several new remodeling "Design Trends Guides" for the niche service providers that do kitchen, bath, siding, and basement remodeling. Your ideal client wants to know what the lattest design trends are in the remodeling industry and you can give them that information with one of our customized guides. Design trends are the perfect bait to attract your ideal client and generate a flood of new interest and leads for your niche remodeling services. 

All of our guides are designed to answer your prospects' most pressing questions and concerns in an easy to digest format that quickly builds "know, like, and trust" and immediately positions you as the clear-cut local expert in your market. This is the "bait" we use at the top of the sales funnel we design and customize for you.

A well designed lead magnet is often times a lot more effective than most websites, as they give your prospect exactly the right amount of information at the right time. Our lead magnets are so good you will want to print them and hand them out on all your sales calls, as well as incorporating them into your other marketing and sales processes. PME 360 will actually print and mail the first 24 guides for free for all Lead Engine clients. 

Not all lead magnets are created equal. You will discover very quickly just how powerful the PME 360 lead magnets really are. These will help you quickly boost lead flow unlike anything you have ever tried before. Most clients experience a 20-40% increase in leads with the exact same amount of marketing and traffic they are already have. We also have many clients who have doubled and tripled their leads in a very short period of time without investing any more money in marketing. 

Email Marketing Automation and Nurturing (We Continue to Nurture Your Prospects 4-6 Weeks After Initial Contact)

email2 email-nurture  email3

We build out a custom 6 step automated email nurturing campaign that will continue to build "know, like, and trust" between you and your prospect over the next 4-6 weeks, automatically. The copy for this email nurture sequence was designed by one of the top copywriters in the country and is designed to build trust with your prospect as quickly as possible so that they begin to feel comfortable enough with you to want to take a next step. 

The PME 360 team writes, designs, and integrates this email automation sequence for you and we maintain it as well as handle the email delivery so you don't have to worry about it. Each email nurture sequence is automatically triggered anytime someone downloads your lead magnet. No CRM required. 

Automating your follow-up and continuing to market to your prospect is key to continuing the conversation without you or your sales team having to do the heavy lifting. Let our system educate and sell for you 24/7. We can also discuss building out a 3, 6, or 12-month nurturing campaign to continue to stay in front of your prospect beyond the initial 4-6 weeks.  

Complete Integration Into Your Existing Website and CRM Integration (Optional)

Lead Engine can be integrated into just about any existing website and the PME 360 team takes care of this for you during your system build out. The power of Lead Engine starts by getting more leads from the traffic you already generate to your existing site and leading with your lead magnet as the first point of engagement.

Most clients experience a minimum of 20% more leads from the traffic they are already generating from ZERO additional marketing investment, just by having Lead Engine turned on. Often times an existing, pooly converting website does not need to be redesigned. The average website can be dramatically improved just by improving the front end offers and placement of those offers on the site.

As part of Lead Engine, PME 360 will create and integrate several proven conversion points throughout your site that feature your new lead magnet, including a large custom banner for your home page, adding the lead magnet to your main site menu, adding a sidebar hover, and a pop under that engages with your visitors within the first 5 seconds of landing on the site.

There is NO LEARNING CURVE and NO COMPLICATED SOFTWARE to learn. Lead Engine comes standard with hosting and maintenance of your system with your low monthly subscription. Yes, this sytem needs to be hosted somewhere and maintained and we take care of that for you so you can focus on your running your business and spend less time learning software.

We also include full analytics tracking as well as lead notifications direct to your inbox. You also receive several ready to go, direct response display ads that are perfect for display retargeting campaigns (Level 2 and Level 3).

Have an existing CRM? No problem! We integrate our Lead Engine System into some of the top CRM's providers out there like Infusionsoft, MarketSharp, improveit360!, Zoho, and Sales Force. 

No CRM? No problem! You don't need a CRM in place to start taking advantage of all that Lead Engine has to offer. A CRM setup can be the next logical step of your marketing automation system and business growth after you have Lead Engine in place.. 

MyTrack Dashboard and 1 on 1 Marketing Consulting


As part of your monthly Lead Engine subscription and maintenance plan you receive your very own MyTrack Dashboard. The MyTrack Dashboard can be customized to track and measure most of your marketing in an easy to understand and visually appealing way.

During your Lead Engine build out we gather information about your current marketing and analytics accounts and use this information to build your marketing dashboard.

We will also consult with you personally (Level 2 and 3) to show you how to use this system with direct mail campaigns as well as other offline and online marketing strategies. Lead Engine is more than just a marketing tool….its a philosophy. The stuff we teach you will work at least 6x's more effectively than the "free estimate" and "free consultation" marketing you are probably doing right now, guaranteed!

90_day_risk_freeRisk-Free Guarantee
We Want You to Be Happy and Get at Least 6x's the Value You Invest With Us

We stand behind our Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine system 100% and at No Risk to you. If you aren't completely satisfied with the Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine system, or feel you did not get at least 6x's the value you invested with us, we will provide you with a full refund.

Simply let us know within 90 days or less of signing up with PME 360, and if we can't make you happy, let us know specifically where we failed you, and we will return your money and you return everything we created back to us.


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