Frequently Asked Questions for Lead Engine


So What Is Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine?

Lead Engine is a marketing automation system or "marketing/sales funnel" we design and plug right into your existing website and marketing. Or for those who don't have an existing website, you can use our micro-site we create as your main site. You are responsible for driving your own traffic and responsible for your own marketing budget to get the most out of Lead Engine. 

Big websites are dying a slow and painful death. Instead smart businesses and marketers are electing to use highly focused attractive front end offers (ex: guide, kit, cd, catalog) combined with a mobile responsive landing pages to drive much higher conversions. Once you capture that initial lead you use marketing automation to continue to nurture that prospect until they take they next step with you.

On average it takes 7 contacts with a prospect before they feel comfortable enough with a business to want to give them money. This does not mean that you have earned their business through these email nurturing "touches" but it puts you in a much better position to earn that business than going direct to an estimate/consultation. 

Lead Engine works best for clients that have some existing traffic now and are at least doing some marketing currently. Think of Lead Engine as the engine and your traffic and awareness driving activities as the gasoline. As part of your initial Lead Engine setup we provide some additional consulting calls and strategy planning to help you setup at least one traffic driving tract to help you get the most out of your system. 

If you want more traffic and leads and need that process managed for you, Power Local Pro would be a great fit and you get Lead Engine as a part of that. But we only work with a handful of clients at a time for Power Local Pro and space is very limited.

I Have No Clue What a "Lead Magnet" Is. Please Explain?

A lead magnet is simply a great piece of content, guide, template, book, resource, or kit that you give away (typically for free) to entice prospects to give you their information. A lead magnet is NOT a free estimate or consultation.

The typical lead magnet we create as a part of Lead Engine is a customized version of our "7 Things You Must Know" guide. This is the best guide to go with if you offer a lot of services. 

We have also developed several new cutting edge "Design Trends" lead magnets for specific niche remodeling services like bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and basement finishing. You have your choice amongst 4 lead magnets you can have us customize for your business. 

Please take a minute and look at a sample lead magnetClick Here to Download (PDF)

This guide took thousands of dollars to design and create and we customize this specifically to your business. This guide will position you as the expert in your local market and answer your prospects' most pressing questions when it comes to hiring a remodeler.  

This guide is authored by you. Your picture is put on the cover and welcome letter. You get full reprint rights. This guide is yours to use in PDF format. We do not give you the raw file to protect against our lead magnets being copied and stolen. 

Am I Going to Have to Install All of This In My Existing Website?

No. We take care of designing and integrating your entire system and lead magnet offer into your existing website. We set-up an initial "pop under" that will appear in front of your prospects when they land on your site.  This alone has been proven to increase conversion 10% to 20% by itself. Also, if your prospect does not convert on this initial pop under and tries to exit the site, we will display an "exit intent pop under" giving them another chance to download your lead magnet. 

The PME 360 team will also add your lead magnet offer to your main menu, blog, main slider, sidebar, and Facebook. The goal is to put your new high value guide in as many quality places as possible. 

We also will process all the leads created from Lead Engine and send those to your email. We also put each lead into an automated email nurturing sequence and manage that email delivery for you. 

We also set-up a separate mobile responsive micro-site (see example: that can be used as your main website and landing page for all kinds of marketing campaigns.  These micro-sites have been proven to convert lots and lots of traffic sources (ppc, seo, facebook, direct mail, tv, radio, etc) into leads. Our micro-sites have everything you need to be successful in combination with a lead magnet strategy.

A successful Lead Engine system requires many tools to run. 99% of our clients simply don't have the time or money to manage and pay for all of these tools. The team at PME 360 manages and maintains all of this for you at $47/month. 

Finally, we set-up Google Analytics and Goal Tracking as well as a marketing dashboard called MyTrack that pulls in all of your important marketing data into one easy to read dashboard. Our clients love our MyTrack dashboard and these can easily be customized to your specific needs. 

What Else Do I Get With The Complete Lead Engine System?

We only offer one Complete Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine System but we do offer multiple, flexible ways to pay for the system. 

With the "Complete" System you get (2) Micro-Sites (One for your lead magnet and one for another offer), customized email nurture sequence, Facebook integration, custom banner creation that we integrate into your main website, exit intent pop under, custom sidebar graphic featuring the lead magnet, (5) customized display ads featuring the guide (works great for display "remarketing"), an initial high converting direct mail campaign with sales letter template and instructions, additional high level 1 on 1 consulting with Ryan Paul Adams, and we will print your first (24) copies of the guide shipped direct to your door. 

The guides/lead magnets we create are first class and will quickly become your go-to piece of collateral you hand out to every prospect you meet.

What If I Am Already Paying Someone (ex: my "SEO" provider) To Manage My Marketing?

Great! This will help your marketing efforts even more by converting more of your traffic into new leads and maximizing the return from those marketing dollars. This in no way conflicts with any of the "tactical" marketing you are doing now and can only help get more out of what you are doing today. 

Clients typically see a 20-40% increase in leads from the marketing they are doing right now at a minimum. You can do better if you take time to fully understand the system and how best to leverage it. We have clients that generate 200%-300% increase in lead volume within 30 days or less just by having our lead magnet and system be the introductory offer in their marketing vs leading with a free estimate. 

Do I Need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software Like InfusionSoft or SalesForce or MarketSharp? 

No. These are great tools to have and we strongly encourage everyone to have a CRM at some point, but Lead Engine works independent of a CRM. If you have a CRM now, odds are we can integrate Lead Engine into that CRM as part of your initial system setup. 


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