Power Local Pro®: Our Simple 3x’s Guarantee or We Work For FREE


Ironclad 3x's Guarantee

We Guarantee What We Do 3x's Over.

Guaranteeing results from marketing is tricky and most marketing providers simply don't do it. But we do! If after 8 consecutive months using Power Local Pro® (Premium+ and Complete levels only), if you have not generated at least 3x's your initial investment* in new revenue direct from any of the marketing services we have provided in Power Local Pro®, we will work for up to the next 2 months until you do.

You must be able to provide documentation as to lack of results and be willing to listen to our consulting and coaching to help you get the results we promised. We have yet to have anyone in the history of our company take us up on this because we get results every time, but it is here to show you that we stand behind what we do.

At the end of the day, we want you to be happy and we want to provide you with results to help you grow. Some local markets are tougher than others to compete in and that is why we need to talk before we get started to determine which level is appropriate for you to start at.

*Guarantee excludes all media buying activities like Google Adwords, Display Ads, any and all Paid Search. You must continue to pay for any and all media budgets, if included, and LocalPress 360 hosting at $95/month, if included in your plan.

Take a look at our Pricing and Plans, pick one, order online, and let PME 360 get started!