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Facebook Advertising is Propelling Local Businesses into Major Growth. Don’t Get Left Behind!

facebook advertisingIf you have a Facebook business page you’ve surely noticed that it can be a challenge to get your message in front of potential customers. With Facebook’s latest algorithm it’s likely that even fans of your Facebook business page will never see your posts.

Take control of your Facebook social presence and let Facebook business ads (aka Facebook Advertising) bring your business the growth you’ve been looking for. Our designated social media team has been studying Facebook ads since they were first introduced and have developed several how powered strategies to generate serious local traffic and leads unlike anything else you may have ever experienced. 

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Highly Targeted Local Traffic and Local Lead Generation At Insanely Low Costs

People often ask us what makes Facebook ads different from the other paid local business ads we specialize in. Ultimately the biggest difference is that Facebook has the ability to target your audience in a way that is so specific you can feel confident your potential clients are seeing your ads.

There are 1,310,000,000 monthly active Facebook users and the total number of Facebook pages is 54,200,000.

On average users spend 18 minutes per Facebook visit.

On average, PME 360 is generating 300-400 targeted visitors per $100 on Facebook!

Facebook has given you the ability to choose the target audience of your ad using their location, gender, age, likes and interests, relationship status, workplace and education, and even what type of car they drive. Ads can be used to grow your Facebook fan base or direct traffic to your website or product/promotional page.

When done correctly Facebook can get your ad directly in front of people who may already be actively looking for the products and services you offer. PME 360 will work with you to choose the best audience and then we will create an ad, landing page, and "interuption" style marketing campaign complete with content that turns Facebooks users into customers.

Facebook ads appear in the users news feed in a way that blends them seamlessly with the posts from their family and friends. If you create a compelling ad that entices your audience the clicks and interactions will be natural.

Targeted Ads to Your Target Audience Only

We help you get found in only your target audiences news feed and in the sponsored ad section in the right hand column.

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44% of Facebook users “like” content posted by their friends at least once a day. 29% like content several times a day.

Facebook success relies on engagement and audience. When people ‘Like’ and interact with your Facebook business page, their actions will show up in the news feeds of their friends. The best way to take back control of your Facebook business page is to mix an expertly designed Facebook ad campaign with a well-managed and maintained page. The combination can give your local business the boost you’ve been looking for.

The opportunity to grow your local business using Facebook Advertising is almost unlimited right now. Don't hesitate and you will not get left behind.

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