Power Local Pro®: Features and Benefits of Our Plans


Traffic and Lead Generation System for Remodeling Businesses

Power Local Pro® Traffic and Lead Generation System includes some of PME 360's top services all rolled into one. Power Local Pro® includes our popular Power Presence Builder® and Lead Engine System as well as a fully managed advanced traffic and lead generation strategy…and all it takes is 1 Hour of Your Time to get started. 

Highlights of Power Local Pro®

consultingA Team You Can Grow Old With

We have designed our marketing plans to allow you and your business room to grow. It's up to you how far you want to take your business, but it's up to us to provide solutions and a system that allow you to grow with us if you want too. Every Power Local Pro® plan comes with marketing consulting from some of the top experts in the local business marketing industry and we are here to support you every step of the way. 

All it takes is 1 Hour of your time to review your business with us and get us some basic information. Our team takes care of the rest. Do not let the "I don't have enough time" excuse to hold you back any longer from getting more customers and landing more referral deals.

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Our CEO, Ryan Paul Adams, is involved in setting the marketing strategy for every single client that comes on board. No matter how big we grow, this will never change. Regular meetings and consulting calls we be coordinated with you to help you stay focused and involved in the marketing and growth of your business.

You simply cannot completely abdicate all of your marketing responsibilities and we expect every client to stay involved at least 1-2 hours per month. 

Ironclad 3x's Guarantee

Guaranteed Results

While most things in life are not guaranteed, our Power Local Pro® solutions are. Guaranteeing results from marketing is tricky and most marketing providers simply don't do it. But we do!

If after 8 consecutive months using Power Local Pro® Systems if you have not generated at least 3x's your investment with us in the form of new gross revenue direct from any the marketing services we have provided, and you have followed our recommendations at least 80% of the way, we will work for up to the next 2 months on us.

You must be able to provide documentation as to lack of results and be willing to listen to our consulting and coaching to help you get the results we promised. We have yet to have anyone in the history of our company take us up on this because we get results 9 times out of 10, but it is here to show you that we stand behind what we do. 

mytrack-dashboardMyTrack Lead Dashboardcall-tracking

As marketers at PME 360, we needed better ways to track our marketing efforts and we didn't want to log into 10 different accounts to get the information. The MyTrack Dashboard was created to solve this problem and allow us to track phone calls, web leads/conversions, search rankings, and analytics from one place.

Every Power Local Pro® Marketing campaign comes with Call Tracking capabilities, Lead Tracking (Web Form Tracking), Rank Tracking, Analytics, and Advanced Spam/Bot Web Form Protection.

web-design2Mobile Responsive Landing Page/Micro-Site Desgin

We will design and build for you a high powered marketing system designed to drive you more leads and showcase your business in the best light possible! Great internet marketing systems start with a well designed mobile responsive landing page or micro-site and that is exactly what you get with Power Local Pro®.

A lot of professional web designers can provide a good looking website quickly but have no clue when it comes to what it should say, where it should say it, and why. You will love the look of your mobile responsive landing page but they are much more than that. You can use the site we create for you as your "main website" or let us use this as our core hub to drive targeted traffic and leads to.

Content Marketing and Authority Positioning

Our customized "lead magnet" content guides ATTRACT the best prospects in your local market to you. They consist of 8-14 pages customized to your business and explain precisely what you do best and why your prospect should hire you.

These content guides are designed to answer your prospects most pressing questions and concerns in an easy to digest format that quickly builds "know, like, and trust" and immediately positions you as the clear cut local expert in your market. 

As part of your Power Local Pro system we will also fully integrate this guide into your existing site complete with a pop under, banner image, and add it to your main menu all with the purpose of getting this in front of your target prospects as soon as possible.

online-reputationReputation MarketingReview Syndication and Reputation Marketing

You are only as good as your best clients say you are online. Your reputation is critically important to the success of your business and we help you look great! With our proven reputation marketing system and process for getting your clients to leave reviews online, you will quickly become the envy of all your competitors.

We tackle your reputation from several different angles with Power Local Pro®, and we ensure you get quality reviews consistently, with your help of course.

reviewsWeb Presence and Review ManagementYour Local Listings Results

Gain control over your online presence with our reputation monitoring. We scour the internet every day to find mentions of your business and the key people delivery your services. Our tracks what is being said about you online, monitors reviews, mentions, and we can even listen in on your competitors.

We tune this all up for you and use this key data to get you results and deliver these signals via email every day. Your reputation is everything, and we aim to build your credibility and protect it for life!

facebook advertisingFacebook Ad Campaigns

If you have a Facebook business page you’ve surely noticed that it can be a challenge to get your message in front of potential customers. With Facebooks latest algorithm updates, it is unlikely that most fans of your Facebook business page will see your posts.

Take control of your Facebook social presence and let Facebook ads (aka Facebook Advertising) bring your business the growth you’ve been looking for. Our designated social media team has been studying Facebook ads since they were first introduced and have developed several how powered strategies to generate serious local traffic and leads unlike anything else you may have ever experienced. 

local-seoLocal Search and Maps Optimization

Most web designers, so called "seo professionals", and social media gurus simply don't understand local search. We live and breathe local search and it is an entirely different animal to try and tame vs seo or social media. 

We take a consistent, methodical approach to get your business local search and maps optimization results. We build your local directories, citations, and niche link-building and give you nice easy to understand reports each month to show you how quickly you are ranking. 

We strive to be 100% consistent across all of this with your Name, Address, Phone, and Website. Also, we take it a step further by writing compelling custom descriptions optimized for your business.

local-adsGuaranteed Local Placement Ads (PPC)

Get guaranteed placement at the top of Google and most of the top local directories and search engines with our Local Placement Ad (PPC) campaigns. 

Drive more clicks, more calls, and more customers with maximium reach. A great online marketing system is rarely "complete" without a well executed paid search campaign (ppc).

If you need more traffic, more calls, and more customers sooner, pay per click marketing is your answer. That is why we include a guaranteed local placement campaign with full management in all of our Complete Systems. 

social-mediaSocial Media Marketing Optimization and Profile Creation

All Power Local Pro® plans come with social media profiles, posting, and social media optimization. We know you must have lots of great things to share about your company socially by now and we help get that out of you and shared with your local friends, family, and extended network.

We help you create new videos, generate reviews, add blog content, share hot industry topics, photos,build your fans and followers, and  spread the word about new promotions. Our social media marketing experts make you look great on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Houzz, Google+, and more.  We post and measure social impact on your behalf.

"Done-for-you" and "Done-with-you" social media services are included in our Level 2 and Level 3 plans.

You can be involved in your social media marketing as much as you want to be. We help hold you accountable and as well as helping you get your content, video, reviews, and social posts shared with your fans and followers.  

web-updatesRegular Updates and Fanatical Support Built In

Have you ever tried to get one of the large "cheap" hosting providers to help update your blog? Or have you ever tried to get them toupdate your photo gallery with new images? How about giving them a video you just shot on your smartphone and having them optimize and post that to your site and social profiles? Good luck. The will not help you, but we will!

We help our clients continue to market and promote their sites and give you access to our Project Management Dashboard. This is where you can let our team know at anytime you need Support or Updates made to your website (LocalPress 360 clients only). Every Power Local Pro® plans comes with 1 Hour of Support/Updates every month so you are never left alone.

Internet marketing is hard work and we want you to focus on your business and let us do most (or all) of the nitty gritty time consuming online marketing work for you. 

Marketing as a Service

Internet marketing changes very rapidly, and we want to assure you that your service will evolve as the internet evolves. You will never get stuck with outdated internet marketing strategies with Power Local Pro®. Our entire service is designed to be modified as technology grows, and you will reap the benefits of those changes automatically. No need to sign up for "new" plans. If there are strategies in your existing plan that need to be adjusted, we take care of that for you. 

Future Proof Marketing

No short-cuts or risky tactics used here. Everything we do is built for long-term sustainability, and backed by over 8+ years of research and hard work.

Marketing as a Service

Your marketing service will never be static in the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. We evolve your service and site as new ideas and strategies come to light. You don't have to worry about extra costs or keeping up with the Joneses. We do that for you.

Dedicated USA Marketing Team

While some agencies outsource most of their heavy lifting offshore, we are determined to create good jobs right here in the U.S.A. All of our marketing staff is stationed in the US and 100% fluent in English speaking and writing. Our dedicated team members work hard for you and try to accommodate most requests (if you ask nicely :)). Screamers and grinders need not apply for our services. Need a Spanish version of your site or additional languages? No problem, we can do that too with our built in technology in Local Press.

Ongoing Reports

Our tool set is incredible and worth the price of admission by itself. We keep you up to date weekly and monthly on the status of your marketing results, and we can dive deep to unveil competitor-crushing data, strategies, and ideas. Email alerts are sent out when new information is discovered about your business. We need to act fast when both good and bad changes happen online, and we work quickly to take care of issues for you. While we want you to think of us as your emergency crisis team, hopefully if you do things the right way, you will never need it. Also, we roll up all your reports into one Comprehensive Report which can be emailed weekly or monthly; it's up to you.

Vertical Experts

We only do marketing for the home services market. Why? Because it's not possible to work with everyone in every industry and still deliver a great service. While other agencies will promise you the world even though they have never worked with a business like yours, we say NO.  Every account we manage has at least 1 dedicated team member who has experience in your market.

We Ask for a  Minimal Commitment

We are dead serious about what we do, and we don't work with everyone (we refer prospects to other agencies all the time!). We want to get you results and won't stop until we do. All we ask is that you commit to the process for a minimum of 6 months.  And if you continue with us to the 8 Month mark, if you aren't 100% satisfied, we will work for free (excludes any/all paid search marketing or display budgets) for up to the next 2 months until you are happy with your results.

Marketing takes time and if you are expecting results in 48 hours, we are not your agency. If you want empty promises, cheap solutions, and month-to-month contracts, we have a list of names we can give you. If you want to commit to a proven marketing system we just might be your team. With that being said, if you are NOT happy, you can cancel your service with us at any time after the initial 6 month commitment. 

Power Local Pro® is Designed to Help You Achieve 4 Core Things:

  1. Dramatically improve your online reputation and web presence
  2. Drive more leads
  3. Generate more customers
  4. Increase overall profitability

Simple yet highly effective and Guaranteed. If you have the desire and want more of those 4 things, Check Out Our Pricing and Plans Today

Every Power Local Pro® plan is stocked with tons of powerful "done-for-you" marketing strategies. You can focus on growing your business and leave the heavy lifting to us. 

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