Power Local Pro®: Frequently Asked Questions



What is the difference between the 3 options with Power Local Pro® Traffic and Lead Generation?

Aside from the monthly investment, each plan begins with laying a solid marketing strategy centered around driving as much high quality traffic and leads as possible with your budget. It really depends on how aggressive you want to be and the overall competition level in your local market. 

All Power Local Pro Traffic and Lead Generation Plans include a PPC Budget, Landing Page Creation, Reputation Monitoring, MyTrack Dashboard, Local SEO, Maps Optimization, PPC Management, and Ongoing Marketing Consulting. 

Level 1 is designed for a remodeling and home improvement company with a min of $750,000 – $1,500,000 in gross revenues and one office location. 

Level 2 and 3 expand on our base plan to include more marketing budget with PPC and advanced lead generation strategies with advanced campaign management plus additional services like Display Remarketing, Facebook Retargeting, Geo Targeted Landing Pages (SEO), and advanced offline strategy assistance. 

If you need more growth and want more from your business Level 2 and 3 will provide that for you.

Level 2 and 3 is designed for remodeling and home improvement companies with gross revenues in excess of $1,500,000-$5,000,000 mill+ per year, and is a great fit for those businesses with multiple offices/showrooms.

Depending on your level of competition in your market, you may need to do more marketing and add more services to your solutions. Please make sure you inquire as to the level of competition in your market before you sign up. As a general rule of thumb, our Option 1 solution is designed for smaller markets and towns and businesses that have only 1 location/office.

Keep in mind that most remodeling and home service companies are selling high ticket items with a lot of competitors competing for the same traffic and leads. In some of the more competitive markets, you can expect to spend upwards of $250-$450/per qualified lead. 

Levels 2-3 are designed for larger more competitive cities (ex: Chicago or Boston) and for those businesses that have several offices (no more than 3). These options help drive new traffic and leads but also nurture existing prospects and existing clients to turn into future business as well. 

Which Power Local Pro® plan shoud I start with? 

For most of our new clients we recommend you start at the Complete level that you feel most comfortable with.

Whatever you do, it is important to just get started and we can worry about adding onto your plan at a later date. Taking action sooner is the fastest way to get a return on your investment. And our Power Local Pro Traffic and Lead Generation System allows you to take massive action very quickly and efficiently without much of your own time invested. 

If you need to get started with something smaller, try Lead Engine or our 1-1 Consulting with Ryan and let us either build out a marketing system to get you started or work with you closely to get your business moving in the right direction.

What does "freeze out (1) competitor" mean? 

We let you tell us what competitor you want to effectively freeze out or prevent us from working with in your local market. While we do not actively seek out your competitors, once they see the exposure you are getting we inevitably get contacted by your competition.

If you let us know what competitor you want to freeze out, we will not under any circumstances work with that client as long as you are a paying Power Local Pro® client at any level. 

I don't have time to devote to this, does that matter? 

Your entire time commitment to our Power Local Pro® solutions should be 1-2 hours MAX at setup and about 1 hour every month. These solutions are designed to make it easy on you, but you will get out of this what you put into it. With that being said, we welcome more involvement from our clients at all of our levels. You should want to be more involved in your marketing as your business grows and the more that we are informed about the recent happenings in your business, the better your marketing and results will be.

How many new customers can I expect each month? 

This we have no control over. You still have to "sell" the job and we can help you improve your sales process in our quarterly consulting calls. 

Getting new customers is largely determined by how much quality traffic you can get to your site and into your business. Every single market is different.

Our average client will generate between 300-2,000 new visits to their site each and every month and between 10-200 new leads.

The very same marketing budget in Chicago or Dallas will NOT return the same results as the same effort in a smaller market like Portland, Maine. 

The higher end "custom" service businesses will receive fewer leads but typically higher close rates. This type of business is selling a higher ticket service and the market for this is smaller. If you were to land 2 new customers per year, our solution would more than pay for itself. 

The more volume type of business that is laser focused and in a moderately sized market (ex: roofing, siding, windows in "Chicago") will stand to generate a lot more leads and referrals. This type of business will need some more volume, but landing 10-15 new customers per year from our solution would more than pay for itself. 

We apologize if we can't answer this question better than this, but it all really depends a lot on you and how you sell the service and your process. We succeed 100% of the time in getting our clients more exposure, more traffic, and more leads, but often times our clients do not maximize those leads and rarely do they turn those new customers we bring into 3 or 4 more customers.

Do you do fulfillment of offline/direct mail? 

No. We have several recommended providers that we can introduce you to that can handle all of your direct mail needs. We highly recommend that every client use direct mail as a key part of their marketing system, and consult with PME 360 to make sure that you are presenting the right offers and tracking the results. 

What am I paying per month for?

This is for access to our traffic and lead generation marketing system. This is a done for you service complete with setup and ad budgets to help get you results quickly. You get access to the entire team via our project management marketing portal to communicate with our experts.

This is NOT a web design project or search engine optimization. This is NOT a social media marketing campaign. 

Our marketing systems took years to develop and hundreds of thousands of dollars in research, testing, and refinement in some of the most competitive markets in the country. 

You will also get access to any future technology and marketing roll-outs and you can also request to have custom marketing material created for you. If your custom request is something that would provide value to all of our members, we will build it for you. 

Is my paid search and display advertising budget included in your offerings?

As part of our Complete Power Local Pro® campaigns, yes. We call this type of marketing "Local Placement Ads" or PPC (aka SEM) and you are guranteed to get on the 1st page of Google and other search engines as soon as we turn on the campaign. 

Our core belief is that every single remodeling and home service provider in the US should work on maxing out a PPC campaign first, and then look to other marketing like SEO, social media, or other channels. Some of the top remodeling companies in the country invest $50,000 to $200,000 per MONTH on PPC alone because it flat out works and is the easiest marketing to scale and perfect. 

We also include a Facebook Ad budget, Display Retargeting budget, Local Maps optimization, and more in Levels 2 to 3.

Can I choose to exclude any strategies in your system and will that affect the cost?

You can choose to use your own pieces, but the cost does not decrease if you choose not to utilize all that is included in the offering. For example, you are allocated 1 hour per month for updates. If you do not use those updates they do expire after 1 calendar year from the month you paid for that campaign. 

Do I get final say in what a piece of marketing looks like/how much creative control do I have?

You may have input, but you are hiring us for our expertise and we have created a very specific process for how we get stuff done for you. Ultimately, we have the final say but we do look at this like we are a team and want you to be happy. 

What exactly is your guarantee?

Guaranteeing results from marketing is tricky and most marketing providers simply don't do it. But we do! If after 8 consecutive months using Power Local Complete Marketing Systems, if you have not generated at least 3x's your intitial investment in new gross revenue direct from any the marketing services we have provided (web site included), we will work for up to the next 2 months until you do. 

You must be able to provide documentation as to lack of results and be willing to listen to our consulting and coaching to help you get the results we promised. That means that you have to implement at least 60%-80% of the recommendations we provide from our "Marketing Ideas" dashboard, which you will get access to as part of being a client.  

We have yet to have anyone in the history of our company take us up on this because we get results every time if we work together and implement, but it is here to show you that we stand behind what we do. 

Why a 12 month 6 month commitment? What if I want to cancel? 

We no longer require a 12 month commitment, in fact, there is no contract or long term obligation at all. Technically you could cancel after the first 30 days providing you give us at least 30 days notice. But we do ask that each client that signs up for a Power Local Pro campaign gives us at least 6 months, and if you are not happy you can cancel and move on. Please provide us with 30 day notice to cancel and we will discuss your exit strategy. 

We don't want to work with people who don't want to work with us. You are free to move your site (if we created one) to another provider. 

What about Google Authorship, schemas, and all that? 

Whether we build you out a website or not, we will take care of all the structured data integrations into your existing site. We are constantly testing new integrations and invest hundreds of hours per year into education so we can keep up with all the changes and new rollouts that Google and other search engines are looking for. 

What if I need additional help? 

We are here to help you grow and we want to be viewed as valuable extension of your business. Look at us as your marketing department without the expense of having to hire 10 to 20 people (which is what you would need to get all of this stuff done effectively). 

If you need additional help, we are here to help you but additional costs may apply depending on the request. Utilize the project management account we give you to communicate with our marketing team to find out how to implement additional marketing services or strategies. 

Why don't you have a written contract? 

We got tired of paperwork and lengthy contracts. I am sure you are too. We wanted better for our clients and better for our team. So we got rid of all of our Terms of Service (which was like 6 pages long at the time) and all the paperwork associated with signing up with us. 

Contracts are only as good as the people behind them and a business will just load up a contract to benefit and protect themselves. A great contract is good to have and if you want to sign one, we have one available. But at the end of the day, it won't really matter because if you want out, you will find a way out. 

We do realize that this is a risk for PME 360, but it is one we are willing to take and so far so good. Good honest business owners are the only ones we want to work with anyway so we haven't had a problem. We have a interview process that we make sure we go through with you to make sure you that you are the right fit for us and vice versa. 

For those who want a contract, we have one, all you have to do is ask for a "Digital Copy of the Contract" and we will send you one. 

Do you offer "protected territories"? 

Yes, with our Power Local Pro® campaigns for Levels 2 and 3 only. If I was you, I would not want my competitors getting a hold of this system. At our Levels 2 and 3, we limit limit our system to one business per 15-mile radius.  Signing up at those levels would effectively lock everyone else out in your local market from getting access to our team and our Power Local Pro® systems.

For all clients we allow you to freeze out one competitor. Just let us know when you sign up or in our introductory call who that competitor is. 

Do you ever partner with businesses like mine? 

We are looking for a few very select clients to work with in the remodeling industry to become an equity partner. Typically, we would require at least a year as a Power Local Pro® client before we would commit to an equity partnership arrangement or a pay per lead arrangement, but this is a possibility for the right client.