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Get Found Online, Improve Your Reputation, and Look Like a Million Bucks.

online-reputationWe help you get found online on Google + Local and 100's of the top local search directories, social sites, and quality websites.

Your reputation is everything both online and offline. Leaving your prospects with poor quality information, old addresses, wrong phone numbers, no online reviews, and even worse….having no information at all! Good thing we have a solution for this huge small business marketing problem. 

You can't afford NOT to have a local online reputation and local seo strategy in today's highly competitive local markets. Believe it or not, people in your local market are searching for your business and related search terms everyday. You need to make sure you get the right information in front of the people who are looking for it easily and effectively. That is why we incorporate a local reputation marketing strategy in each of our Power Local Pro plans.

Every month 3 billion local searches are performed online for local businesses and services.

Are you being found?

Power Listings Pack for Local Business Listings

Ask Yourself….

  • Can local customers find you easily?
  • When you 'Google' your business name, what are your prospects finding in the search results?
  • Is there enough quality information online about your local business?
  • Are your competitors stealing the local search show on Google?

Get Control Of Your Local Listings, Reputation, and Online Business Identity

Get control of your local listings today with our Local Reputation services and start getting found! You need a local search strategy and enhanced local data. PME 360 can help you get found and get new clients online. 

We help power growth for businesses of all sizes – from small local businesses with 1 location, to national chains with 100's of locations. Our job is to certify, enhance, and actively manage our client's local listings using our proprietary mix of hand-crafted local search techniques, optimized content, software, systems, and reporting.

Our Local Reputation process provides a single source for creating a consistent online presence for your business and listings, with authorized distribution to the largest and best local search platforms in the world.

Easy. Affordable. Effective.

Get Found on the Top Local Business Listings

  • Take control of your local business listings and local business identity.
  • Make it simple for clients to find you by delivering awesome listing data that is enhanced, consistent, and well optimized.
  • Gain more market share and local traffic.
  • Continuously manage, update, and refine your listings.
  • Improve the ability for clients to find you in local search, with or without a website.
  • Gain exposure on 150+ local directories. We only work with the best search platforms and apps.
  • Keep your business listings 100% accurate, 100% of the time.
  • Update your listings, 24/7 (if needed), our tools are that good!
  • Get your listings found on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • With clear progress reports and yearly local listing optimization services, you will never be in the dark again about your local search strategy. 

Make It Easy For People to Find You in Local Search!

100% Accurate. 100% of the Time. 

We make it easy to maintain and gain control of your local search business listings – especially your Name, Address and Phone (NAP).  Whether you have one location or thousands, if your NAP is consistent, your prospective clients can find you and you'll get more business. 

is2ip_tick Certify

Signing up, reviewing and certifying your local busines s listings is quick and easy. Once we set up your account, we'll ensure that it is updated and monitored on a regular basis.

Your Local Listings Results

is2ip_tick Enhance

Beyond your NAP, we enhance your listings with unique descriptive keywords, links and more, including:

  • Hours of operation
  • Languages spoken
  • Payment methods accepted
  • Products/brands/services offered
  • Special qualifications and accreditations 
  • Website, email, social-site and other links

Enhancing your business listings is vital to ensure that you stand out from your competitors. Our extensively tested local search best practices optimization and organization tools make sure that you also stand out to local search platforms.

is2ip_tick Manage

Our tool enables us to update your business listings, 24/7. If you need to make a change, add a location, refresh your keywords, change your hours of operation, and more. We can ensure that that information is sent out to our 150+ search partners right away, keeping your listing fresh and visible across the web.

Ready to Get Started? 

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