Power Local Pro®: MyTrack® Dashboard for Easy Lead Tracking


Stop Living in the Dark With Your Online Lead Generation and Marketing Results!

mytrack-dashboardGet a Quick, Easy to Understand Call Tracking, Lead Tracking, Ranking Reports, and Web Analytics Dashboard.


What if you could easily check in to see how many calls and leads you’ve been getting? Do you wonder how many visitors your website gets and where your site shows up when prospects search for you?

The MyTrack Marketing Dashboard has your local service business covered! You get Call Tracking, Lead Tracking, Analytics, and Ranking Reports all in one place and built right into your Power Local Pro Plan.

Easy to access and easy to understand. The MyTrack Marketing Dashboard comes standard with all Power Local Pro Plans. We set everything up for you and give you the data you need to ensure your marketing produces a measurable result. 

This information is the lifeblood of your local business, and we want you to be able to check in anytime to see what’s going on.

What Can the PME 360 MyTrack® Dashboard Do For You?

Dynamic Call Tracking

MyTrack call trackingWho has been calling? This report displays an organized log of the numbers of people who called you, which number they called, when they called, and the duration of the call. MyTrack will even attempt to pull the Caller ID and Name of each caller so you know who called even if you don't end up connection with them. 


is2ip_tickMake sure the right people are getting leads

is2ip_tickDetermine which marketing campaigns are working

is2ip_tickQuickly access historical call data


Lead Tracking

MyTrack call trackingNeed easy access to your leads? Quickly see who filled out webforms from your site, and the info they submitted. If the prospect’s name, phone number, email, personal message were submitted, they’ll appear here.


is2ip_tickRapidly access client information

is2ip_tickIdentifies neglected leads

is2ip_tickAllows you to easily export to create client databases for follow-up campaigns


Analytics Reporting

MyTrack analytics reportingDo you know how many visitors are coming to your website? This report will give you a quick snapshot of your website’s visit data, keywords that drive visitors and conversions, results from social media and any other online marketing activities. 


is2ip_tickSee how people are interacting with your website on a daily basis

is2ip_tickIdentify any positive or negative changes in traffic and plan a response

is2ip_tickPlan for ebbs and flows in business volume


Ranking Reports

MyTrack rankling reportsAre the right people finding your website? At PME 360, we monitor ranking data on the top search engines and local listing sites for your Main Domain and Your Sub-Domains. The results in the ranking report reflect your entire web presence with ONLY the keywords we are tracking.


is2ip_tickSee how competitive your keywords are

is2ip_tickIdentify which keywords are struggling, which may result in weakened lead flow

is2ip_tickHelps you evaluate and strategize about changes in service offerings, changes in marketing tactics


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