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Most small to medium sized service businesses at this point have a Facebook page. But if you are not doing anything with it – or not doing the right things with it – is there any benefit to having it at all? No. Especially if you have a social media account that hasn't been updated in months or years. All you are doing is planting a seed of doubt in your prospects mind that you may NOT still be in business. 

We take care of your social media marketing and profile updates/optimization as part of any of our Power Local Pro Complete plans. Our goal is to make you look great online while attracting and expanding your customer base. Most small businesses do not need to spend a fortune to get results in social media. But you do have to be consistent and you do need to know what you are doing. Let PME 360 do your dirty work for you. 

What Can Social Media Do for My Local Service Business?

Maybe a lot, maybe not. It depends on the business and what your goals are. Some examples of ways that most local service businesses can make social media work for them:

  • Social Media Reputation Monitoring: It is important to know when consumers are talking about you – good, bad or indifferent. And knowing about it in real-time – one of the primary benefits of social media – helps you respond to it and control the conversation. Which leads to…
  • Quality Customer Service: In order to provide the best customer experience, you need to be where your customer is and communicate with them via their preferred medium. An increasing number of people are seeking resolutions to customer service issues online – particularly dissatisfied customers. Dealing with them via social media gives you an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive quickly and efficiently. It also provides good online PR for your brand if a satisfied customer mentions you on a social media channel.
  • Online Loyalty and Specialty Offers: Social media provides another way to communicate with existing customers and build loyalty by providing discounts and special offers.
  • Content Sharing: You should be consistently producing content. Social media is the place to push it out, share it and encourage others do the same. If your content is quality, people will read it and share it with others.

Social media can be a great tool and generally has a place within the online marketing strategy; however, it is important that it is viewed as that – a part of your marketing strategy. 

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