Recommended Resources for Remodeling and Home Improvement Businesses

Over the years Ryan has built great relationships with some of the top consultants, software providers, and service providers inside and outside of the remodeling industry. At PME 360, we know that we cannot do it all, and don't even want to even try. That's why we launched this page – so we can provide you with the guidance you need to put it all together. 

Full disclaimer: We have an affiliate relationship with some of the resources listed below, and we may get compensated if you sign up. But that's not why we created these recommendations. These resources are here to help you build and grow a better business. Resources that I've spent a lot of time and money researching to discover the best of the best in each category.

Here is Ryan's list of Recommended Resources:


WP Engine 
If you are hosting a WordPress site and you aren't having the team at WP Engine maintain your installation, you may be in for a real surprise soon and not in a good way. Your site is probably under attack as we speak as hackers attempt to work their way into your site using the "plugins" you have installed. This is critical. If you do not currently have a fully managed WordPress hosting solution, contact WP Engine today and have them migrate your site. I am an avid fan of this company and I love what they are doing for WordPress hosted sites.


Ryan Paul Adams
Ok ok. I know I shouldn't be promoting myself on my own Recommended Resources page, but I do believe I can help just about any serious replacement contractor that is generating at least $1million in revenue and wants to do more. My speciality is helping replacement contractors or remodeling businesses who are able to scale but need more traffic, more leads, and more customers. 

I just launched my Remodeler's Edge Insiders Elite program which I limit to only a handful of businesses, In this program, I work 1-1 with businesses to uncover and implement some of the most effective lead generation strategies available. Request a quick chat with me to learn more – Click Here.

Kyle Hunt
Kyle's sweet spot is helping remodeling businesses with revenues in the $300k-$1mill range. He is one of the smartest guys I know and really cares about each of his clients success. Through his consulting business, Remodel Your Marketing, Kyle offers several  programs that can help you make the most what you are already doing and help you introduce some new, easy and lucrative ways to grow your remodeling business. Kyle is also my co-host over at Remodelers On The Rise and a regular speaker at remodeling trade shows and events all across the country.

Melanie Hodgdon 
When it comes to knowing what to charge your clients and knowing your numbers, Melanie is the person you want on your team. She offers several service levels to help a wide variety of remodeling businesses all over the country. I highly recommend that you download her Markup Calculator today. 

Tess Wittler
Tess is an industry rock star when it comes to crafting and creating compelling content for the remodeling industry. She is on my short list of people who "get it" when it comes to writing just about anything to help remodelers market their businesses more effectively. She provides email newsletters, blog content, and social media strategies that really work. I have seen the results of her work and she definitely gets results.

David Lupberger
David helps businesses make the transition to relationship-based selling and helps them to develop relationships with clients as a "trusted advisor". The focus of his "Client for Life" business model moves from a "project-based selling" model – where contractors are in position of constantly selling new projects and dealing with the overhead of bidding on projects – to "relationship-based selling – where contractors are able to cut marketing and sales expenses and increase profit margins. David will coach you to:

  • Reorient your business for a relationship-based business model and enhance the financial stability of your company with recurring revenue
  • Help people choose you as their trusted advisor
  • Minimize the importance of the bidding process
  • Optimize your existing trade contractor partnerships
  • Stop competing on price

This is a fundamental shift in working with your clients. Simply manage these relationships and the work will follow.

Project Management

This is hands down the best, easiest to use, most robust, and most affordable Project Management software available. I have invested hundreds of hours testing different systems only to find that most fall short or are too complex for the average remodeling business. There are a few good remodeling-specific Project Management tools out there (see below), but Teamwork is what I recommend for anyone looking for simplicity and flexibility in how they want to keep track of their projects. We use for our business and absolutely love it, and we did not stumble upon this by accident.

I have several clients who use this software for their replacement contracting busineses and absolutely love it. Definitely worth a look – visit their web site to check it out.


This is the marketing automation software that I use to run PME 360 and I wouldn't be where I am today without it. Highly recommended for marketing/sales focused remodeling businesses that have a high value per sale. If you sign up, let Ryan know and he would be happy to give you some campaign ideas and some insight as to how to use the software for remodeling businesses as part of a 30-Minute Strategy Session. There are infinte ways to use Infusionsoft to automate and improve your marketing and sales processes. One thing I want to make you aware of is Infusionsoft does have a bit of a learning curve so you need to be prepared to hire someone to help you set it up or commit to learning the software. The more you learn and implement the easier and more profitable your business becomes.

Check out this awesome success story from Presidential Pools and some tips and ideas on how to use Infusionsoft for your remodeling business. See the Success Story.

ImproveIt 360!
I was given a personal demo of this CRM and really like what I saw. It is a bit more complex but has very interesting remodeling-specific business tools built in that any good remodeling business could take advantage of. Take the free tour/demo and judge for yourself. ImproveIt 360! integrates seamlessly with the PME 360 Lead Engine System.

This is one of my favorite CRM's for remodeling and home building businesses. MarketSharp helps you get more organized and automated so that you can grow your business. MarketSharp offers a free demo and will send you some free marketing templates as well as part of that demo. MarketSharp also integrates perfectly with the PME 360 Lead Engine System


We developed a plugin for WordPress sites for the GuildQuality service. You can download that here. We use GuildQuality for all of our marketing clients and is the best reputation enhancement tool in the remodeling industry. Sign up for the Free Trial and start using it today. 

Check back often….

I will be adding more resources and recommendations as I continue to try different solutions, services, and meet consultants who can help drive your business.