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    Growing up in the small town of Sanford, Maine, Ryan Paul Adams was always driven to be the best at everything he tried. A natural-born baseball player, he spent summer and winter nights in his family garage swinging the bat 200 times a night – and later, attending the University of Southern Maine, was scouted by major league teams because of his 93 mph fastball. 

Adams also had a powerful entrepreneurial spirit from the get go, starting at age 12 when he started his first business while he continued with other youthful enterprises. Though he didn't initially envision becoming part of his dad's remodeling and home business (the still in existence Built By Adams), he grew up learning it all – painting, drywall, putting in hardwood floors, interior trim work – and became a full-time employee of the company after college, when a broken ankle and other injuries led to the end of his athletic career. Developing an expertise in online and offline marketing, along with a distinctive selling proposition and unique guarantee, he was instrumental in the growth of Built By Adams.

Those who read Adams' practical yet empowering 2013 book "7 Secrets To Achieving Rapid Growth in Your Remodeling Business…And How You Can Crush It Online" get the fascinating and inspiring story of the ups and downs which led the Portland, Maine based visionary to create PME 360, his thriving Marketing Agency for Remodeling businesses. 

Driven by two key multi-faceted solution systems, the Remodeler's Edge® Lead Engine and the Power Local Pro® Traffic and Lead Generation System, the company's mission is to help remodeling clients generate demand, attract leads and win new customers. Clients look to PME 360 for expert assistance in online marketing, specifically systems for attracting and converting business leads cost effectively. Pursuant to that, Adams also offers one on one consulting.

Explaining the essence and differences between his two systems, Adams says, "Power Local Pro® is a "done-for-you" traffic and lead generation system involving Pay-per-click, local seo, display retargeting, landing pages, tracking, and marketing automation. Our focus is to drive the higher quality lead to the client and manage it for him or her, along with monthly consulting. 

"Our Lead Engine service emerged out of Power Local Pro as a way to service clients who are not quite ready for heavy traffic and lead generation, but still need a way to position themselves in their local market as the expert and start building their lists to allow them to quickly build 'know, like and trust' in their market. With Lead Engine, we plug directly into their existing website and typically increase leads 30-40% from the traffic they already have. 

"In general, Power Local Pro® finds us managing their budget and directing the client's whole traffic strategy while with the Lead Engine System, we plug into their site but they drive their own traffic. Each is designed to help remodeling businesses take their game to the next level."    

Like any great entrepreneur, Adams was willing to take a huge risk to build a great future, financially and otherwise, for his family. Just after his wife quit her job and had their first baby, he bought an existing marketing agency, built a quality team and showed profits after only a year. Within 24 months, they were bringing in upwards of $50,000 per month. For several years, PME 360 helped take clients in various outside industries take their business to the next level – including top attorneys, accounting franchises, ecommerce and electro-polishing businesses. 

Remodeling was his family's lifeblood, however, his heart for helping business owners in that industry led him four years ago to focus exclusively on internet marketing for them. All told, over the past nine years, he's worked with and consulted over 200 remodeling, home building and home business services, helping them all build better businesses through his innovative systems. 

Adams sums up his full service approach with his clients and entire philosophy on making key breakthroughs when he says, "No great entrepreneur has achieved great success without great failure. I have failed, succeeded, failed again, and succeeded again. It's not from your successes that you learn the most; it's from your failures. You learn the fastest from those ideas, clients and business deals that didn't work out. The key is not to repeat your mistakes and have the ability to leap two steps forward each time you are knocked one step back. That is what I have been able to do and what I have taught my clients to do as well." 

Breaking those concepts down into practical steps, Adams's book covers seven key areas that he believes are at the core of his clients' success. They are summed up in the following strategy based chapter titles:

  • Identify Yourself: Find Seal and Deliver Your Niche
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Crush It With Uniqueness and Kill It With a Great Guarantee
  • Content: If the Prince Had Good Content, He Would Be King
  • Local Search: Discover How Important a "NAP" Really Is
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Organic and Paid SEO Can Change Your life
  • Reputation Marketing and Getting a Rep online
  • Stay Connected: Automate Your Follow up.

Further extending his multi-media reach, Ryan launched a podcast in 2014 called Remodelers on the Rise, one of the most listened to podcasts on iTunes in the remodeling industry. Last year he also published a second book, "Facebook Marketing for Remodelers: How To Double and Triple Your Traffic, Leads and Likes in Under 30 days." 

Also as stated in the Introduction to the first book, Adams has one simple requirement of the clients he chooses to work with: that they "Be Ready To Achieve!" Just as Adams helps his clients focus their niche and identify what makes them stand out among their competitors, he has figured out what type of client he can most be of service to. Though at certain times in his marketing career he has consulted with various Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies, his target now is working with SMBs (Small-Medium Businesses). Why?

"Because if I help you generate an additional $1,000,000 this year I have directly, positively impacted your life," he says. "If I do that for a large franchise or big company it goes almost completely unnoticed and unappreciated. At the end of the day, if I added $1 million in revenue to a big company, it didn't seem to make me feel any different." 

PME 360 has a unique starting point with clients, which is a 30-60 minute (sometimes longer) no obligation free initial call in which Adams will lay out a plan for them that he believes will be effective in their market. He helps them identify several starting strategies they can implement on their own. He has the notes from those conversations transcribed and sent to the clients so they can work towards implementing the ideas. 

"It's all part of our marketing process, in which we're disqualifying people as quickly as they're qualifying us," Adams says. "Before I even speak to them, I send them an introductory letter, my newsletter, and my book for free, and put them through an application process and a high value mini course that helps both of us see if we are a good match. PME 360 is best suited for remodeling business owners who have $1 million in gross yearly revenue or are on the verge of hitting that mark. Our goal is to help those clients advance further along by looking at what they're doing now and fixing flaws to make their marketing efforts a lot better. Those results multiply quickly – as opposed to trying to work with a new company from scratch that doesn't have the budget to implement what we can do for them. Our ideal target is businesses generating from $1-$10 million per year. 

"Our second criteria in choosing clients is that they have the desire to grow their business at least 20-30 percent over the next 12 months," he adds. "That lets me know they have the burning desire to expand – something every successful entrepreneur needs if they want to be really successful. With competition always on the rise, being content to stay where you are is a very dangerous place. Our third requirement is that they have to currently be investing in marketing efforts and have an existing website. We decide on the correct plan of action initially to help them get more out of what they're doing now marketing wise."

Though Adams has a powerful team that works hands on with PME 360's clients, he will often jump on their consultation calls to impart his unique, hard won expertise. "The most important thing to accomplish, up front, is helping the client identify their unique selling points – why they're better/different. It's not just a matter of their service being better than the competition; whether they do siding or roofing or interiors, it's likely that their process is similar to that of the next guy. The key is to find a way to make them appear different – which is accomplished through a unique selling proposition and guarantee."

In addition to its policy of not demanding long term, year-long locked in contracts with clients, PME 360 sets itself apart from other marketing firms by offering a "three times" guarantee – if the client isn't generating three times what they're paying PME 360 within a certain length of time (generally six to eight months), PME 360 will work for them free for up to two months. Likewise, they require all their clients to offer their customers a guarantee to their own clients as strong as PME 360.

Adams says, "How can I guarantee our services if you're not going to guarantee your services as well? It's a pretty unique difference to come to a market with. Once we have that initial guarantee in place, we create copy for their landing pages and come up with some sort of lead magnet, like a free ebook, report or guide – all the things we have tested time and time again and are guaranteed to be effective – and launch our campaigns from there."

Adams' keen ability to solve complicated marketing problems for remodeling businesses – and helping them grow no matter what the economy is doing – has led many of his clients to consider him their "unfair advantage" against the competition. To that end, PME 360 doubled their revenue last year and is looking for the same kind of growth in 2015.

"When people ask me what I enjoy about this business most, I tell them that my favorite part is conducting those initial free strategy calls with new and prospective clients," he says. "I always find something exciting in those conversations that keeps me going and reminds me of the value of the services we offer at PME 360. No matter the result of those calls, I always want to get off the phone making sure the client feels good and that I do as well. All I want to do is help as many people as I can. As I've learned, marketing has become the way to generate more revenue, which ensures success and freedom for my clients and, in turn, allows me to help even more people solve their problems."    

If you would like more information about Ryan or PME 360, please contact PME 360 or request a 1-1 Consultation with Ryan.