PME 360 Marketing Solutions for Remodelers

PME 360 ("Powering Marketing Excellence 360") was founded in 2008 by Ryan Paul Adams after he spent several years running and marketing a successful remodeling and home building company in the Southern Maine area.

Ryan and the entire PME 360 Team have invested a considerable amount of time, energy, and money developing marketing systems and sales funnels to help small to medium sized remodeling and home service businesses Generate Demand, Attract New Leads, and WIN New Customers® quickly and effeciently.

"We help our clients grow and build a better business that attracts more of the right customers, more often, with more respect and dignity than anything they have tried before. When business owners come to PME 360 and they are struggling with their marketing and lead generation, 95 times out 100 it is NOT a traffic issue, its almost always a marketing funnel issue.

How your prospects come in contact with you and learn more about you is often out of alignment, and if you want more leads and better quality prospects you MUST fix your funnel issue first. At PME 360, we have become masters at solving this huge problem and then we turn on the flood of traffic and leads after this is fixed." – Ryan Paul Adams, CEO of PME 360

PME 360 Marketing Automation Solutions and Consulting Services are Designed to Meet a Wide Variety of Budgets to Help Clients ATTRACT More Leads and WIN New Customers: 

PME 360 Mission

We believe that if you are going to invest in marketing at all, it should produce a measurable result. But the problem we see so often is that business owners are throwing money at marketing without using the right "bait" to attract the right type of client and therefore are not getting the results they hoped for.

99 times out of 100, if your marketing is not producing a result it is rarely the traffic source (ie: PPC, SEO, Direct Mail, etc) and more likely its a "funnel" issue. And the biggest problem we encounter with remodelers and home builders is that they don't have a sales funnel in place. PME 360 will quickly solve this problem for you with our Remodeler's Edge Lead Engine System.

Providing education for our clients is extremely important to us. All of our PME 360 Team members contribute to our internet marketing blog, providing a wide range of information on topics from sales and marketing to the most up to date lead generation and conversion strategies. Our clients need the best information to grow and outsmart the competition and it's our goal to deliver that for them.

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